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Korea Tours Packages are a traveller’s delight………

Unveiling the hidden facts about Korea is perhaps easily possible after you choose to take a tour to the country. Trust the fully customized Korea Tours Packages offered by numerous travel agencies to make your trip hassle-free and budget-friendly. As a sovereign state in East Asia, South Korea has always been home to a large majority of majestic forts, national parks, valleys, golden beaches, waterfalls etc. Seoul, the capital of South Korea has been a sophisticated destination for international tourists. It is home to the Changdokkung Palace which is surrounded by Secret Gardens and Chongmyo Shrine. You can avail the convenience of visiting Itaewon district for enjoying its nightlife. Plus, you may even pay a visit to Lotte Worlds which is a huge complex full of sports amenities, a theme park, luxury hotel and a lot more exciting stuff.

Enjoy the authentic cuisines during your stay in Korea…………

Korea has a wide collection of shrines that are dedicated to numerous Buddhist monks. One such holiest Buddhist shrine is Haeinsa. It is the ninth century Buddhist temple which is situated in Gayasan National Park. Around 81000 wooden blocks are included within this park and certain scriptures have been printed on the same. The basic ingredients of Korean cuisine include noodles, tofu, vegetables, meats and rice. Pekpan is one of the finest Korean meals comprising of rice and a variety of dishes like Kimchi. It is a fermented vegetable dish and believed to be the favourite meal of Korean food lovers. Puulgogi is yet another interesting Korean meal which includes thin strips of marinated beef blended with onion, garlic, sugar, black pepper and soy sauce. Next there is Pajeon which is a popular pancake prepared using flour, eggs, green onions, oysters and baby clams. If you’re on a visit to South Korea, then trying the Korean cuisines is something you shouldn’t miss for sure.

Exotic holidays possible with the right Korea Tours Packages……

The internet is flooded with renowned travel services companies which look after every minute detail related to your upcoming journey. Irrespective of the place that you intend to visit in Korea, the travel agencies would ensure that all your bookings are done well in time and you’re free from any kind of stress related to your tour/vacation. Customized Korea travel packages offer you the flexibility of choosing certain amenities and skipping the others. Hence, it becomes easier for you to make your tour truly memorable.

  • Seoul
    • Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is home to 11 million of the nation’s 46 million people. As well as being one of the oldest cities, Seoul is also the country’s financial, political, commercial and cultural centre. Old and new mix in this dynamic city offer the visitor with plenty of sightseeing options such as the famed Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul Tower and Insadong antique alley.

  • Gyeongju
    • The historic town of Gyeongju was capital during the mighty Silla Dynasty and as such provided Korea with many cultural developments. The town is a virtual open air museum, housing a seemingly endless array of tombs, temples, shrines, castles and gardens. Further inland, the mountains are surrounded by thousands of Buddhist statues and frescoes.

  • Busan
    • Busan is Korea’s second largest city and principal port with ferries departing to Jejudu Island and Japan. The city is located between a series of mountain peaks and ridges, with the town centre nestled between these narrow strips of land. The town possesses an atmosphere of endless tranquility and has much to offer.

  • Panmunjeom
    • The village of Panmunjeom is located 56kms north of Seoul and is the site of the ceasefire line following the Korean War in 1953, hence earning it a nickname of ‘truce village’. It is the only place in the DMZ where visitors are permitted as well as being situated at a close distance to North Korea.